Monday, January 5, 2015

It lives. It breathes. It blogs.

Whenever I come across a bandster blog and they haven‘t updated in ages and just seemed to fall of the face of the earth, I wonder whether they‘ve died. Does anyone else do that? I‘m so morbid.
But I am at least – not dead.

The last time I updated this page was Jan 15, 2013. So two years ago. Reading back... well, it‘s clear I wasn‘t very happy.  Broke, overworked and lonely and weighing in at 190lbs.

After I split up with my ex in July 2012 I went to the doctor and had a huge fill. Way, way, WAY too huge. I was restricted to a diet of chocolate and Doritos (Oh, poor me! I know!) for months, since I soon became too broke to go back for an unfill. Lost half of my hair, was constantly in pain (gassy stomach), endless PBing... Not a good situation but I was afraid of loosening it up again in case I gained all of my weight back.

I finally did get an unfill – two in fact – but what happened during those months while I was quietly shedding my hair and my sanity with an overrestricted band? Nothing. I lost no weight whatsoever.

And even after my unfills – the scale was stuck. I think the six months of total starvation messed up my core metabolism. So bandsters – don‘t be tempted to do as I did!

But 2013 turned out to be a decent year in other ways, despite zero weightloss.

I travelled a fair bit, saw Saint Petersburg in Russia for the first time – spectacular! I would 100% recommend visiting, but do be advised that they do not cater to the english speaking tourist AT ALL. So bring your own guidebooks, etc. Wore a bikini to the beach in Crete every day for a few weeks. It was only hard for the first five minutes and then you realize that no one but no one is looking at you – ehh, which for some might be the problem? I visited Dublin and spent some time in London and the US and went back for my annual trip to Germany.

My ex was a pilot and we always travelled a lot and I‘ll admit to having a panicked thought after we broke up – how would I now be able to travel!? I‘d never go anywhere again!

I was proud and happy to find that I don‘t need the help of any man to acheive what I want to acheive.  I‘d forgotten that somewhere along the way.

Then towards the end of the year, Christmas came as it usually does, and with it came a Christmas Day lunch at my sister‘s house, where I met my brother in law‘s coworker.

Long story short, he and I were married on November 1st 2014.

SERIOUSLY.  I have proof!

Arriving at the church 20 minutes late. Go me. Always winning.

 The luckiest man in the room

 With my lovely parents
I like this one because I look tiny. Ha!

Dancing, dancing...

So much for the girl who was never going
to have a church wedding or wear some
"ridiculous, huge dress". What did she know anyway!?

We loved with a love that was more than love - Edgar Allen Poe

So it‘s fair to say that 2014 was a big surprise in my life. I still find myself looking back and going „what the actual f---?“

But I am right where I want to be, in a great relationship (uh, marriage) with the man that I love.
The band snapped back to life eventually and I now weigh a reasonably pudgy 154 lbs.
I am nowhere near my targets for what I want to look like but I am creeping closer to my initial goal weight of 143 lbs.

This morning I went back for another unfill. Having spent the holiday season regurgitating everything I tried to eat or drink and experiencing heartburn/reflux for the first time in my life, I went to the doctor TERRIFIED that my band had eroded or slipped. Thankfully, the band is fine and the placement is fine but I was too restricted and my oesophagus has as a result dilated a little. So they unfilled me a bit and I‘m  supposed to take it easy for the next couple of months to let it recover before they add more restriction.

Thank god it wasn‘t anything more serious – now my challenge is to not gain 8 million pounds between now and then. Give me strength!

I hope you‘re all doing tremendously well! Roll on 2015.

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