Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Absent Minded, Absent Bodied.

Man, time sure does fly when I'm not blogging! I apologize, I've had a rotten few weeks really and haven't felt like keeping up with the blogosphere. Probably something to do with the fact that my diet has also been rotten (bad rotten, not rotten rotten). Self-medicating, my old friend.

I updated the weight page, I've lost 2 lbs in the past six weeks. Hip hip hooray! I should just be glad I haven't gained sixty lbs in the past six weeks, the way that I've been eating. I am starting to consider getting a very slight unfill after christmas. Being so tight and SO prone to getting stuck actually hinders me in eating well. I eat a lot of soup, and a lot of slider crap. Anything else is risky, unless it was cooked in a 5 star restaurant... and then it somehow usually seems to go down really well. But here at home... I get stuck on fried eggs, I get stuck on... most things, really.

I think after the new year, once I've gotten my eating reigned in after the xmas craziness -  I might get an unfill. See how that goes for me.

In other news, the internet beau came to visit. It was a lovely few days, and man it felt GOOD to be around someone again who genuinely thinks I'm retarded beautiful. There was a lot of crap in my last relationship... I was never pretty enough, or thin enough, to be worthy of respect and love. So I came out of that mess a little broken down.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about being around someone new, and how he'd feel about me... I thought for sure my beastly self could only disgust and repulse others. But it was really lovely. He genuinely thinks I am an absolute knockout and just being around that did wonders for me. It was a healing four days, to be sure.

We'll see where it goes from here... He's coming back in January and I'll go see him in Febuary probably. And then we're planning a sun vacation in March... get away from the miserable winter for a bit. So we shall see. All we know now is that it has been really good for me to experience this.

I leave you with a picture of myself in a dress, taken last Saturday before the office Xmas party.

Nevermind my posture, I don't have multiple sclerosis. 
I was leaning against the wall like a cool cat. 

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