Monday, October 22, 2012

Two Hairy Swamp Creatures (Sitting in a Tree)

Man, I suck at updating this blog... If you are reading, please leave me comments. They encourage me to keep blogging and updating my progress. I'm not too good with talking to myself (Not since the meds, anyway...har har) Plus, I just love hearing from you!

Anyway, my pre-internet date beauty and diet regime didn't exactly kick of when it was supposed to. But it has kicked off now and that is the important thing, right? No use crying over failed diets you never technically went on. As of last Monday however, I am one dieting fool! And consequently I've reached another milestone (remember those?). I'm now 87 kgs / 191 lbs. That's a loss of 53 lbs since my surgery on January 28 of this year. I'm over halfway there! My next milestone isn't for awhile, or another 17.6 lbs. So please support me and help me stay motivated!

I also owe pictures, I'll have to get around to posting some very soon. Not that there is a difference from when you last viewed me strolling around in my underpants for the world to see, but debts owed shall be debts paid. So expect that very soon.

The lovahhh's visit is four weeks away as of yesterday. That... is not an awful lot of time to transform oneself from a hairy swamp creature to Miss Universe. I mean, miss Congeniality did it in 40 minutes... but you gotta take into account that they started with Sandra Bullock. I'm kind of just trying to think... fuck it. I'm not going to transform myself in four short weeks, I'm just going to stick to my diet as best I can, try to make myself look presentable, relax and try to feel good about it.... and hope that at the end of all this, HE doesn't show up looking like a hairy swamp creature.


  1. Congrats on the great milestone :o) & best of luck with the swamp creature, I am sure it is not as bad as all that :p

  2. Here here to no hairy swamp creatures! Glad you are finding success!

  3. yeah no hairy swamp creatures!! you got this girl!