Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October!

I've been excusably absent for a couple of weeks, I believe the last time I blogged I was still at the tender young age of 29 even. A long, long time ago. As I write these very words, I'm wearing a sweater set and my breath smells like a bedpan. I've HIT the dirty thirties, ladies... and gentlemen? I don't think any men read this.

So what is new...well, I've moved out of my big house and into a small apartment. I painted it before I moved in (when I got the keys, the place was baby blue and easter bunny yellow... wtf, right? Drugs are bad, kids.). Moving things from a 3000 sq foot home into an 800 sq foot apartment is no easy feat. I am trying to get settled in, but I can tell you this right now... my Tetris skills from the 80s are about to come in damn handy.

I feel like I've lost weight. Conveniently I feel this way as I have no earthly clue where my bathroom scales are located in this jungle of boxes I live in right now. But I feel less bloated and just, smaller somehow...

Like I said, convenient - as I have no scales....

I thought it would feel weird somehow being on my own again, but now that the move is over I am just so relieved. Having my own space and having my life be just mine again... fantastic. Relationships are great when they are good but man do they blow hard when they are bad! haha!

I have been chatting with someone online (groan - hate admitting that!) for awhile now. We've been talking nonstop for over six weeks on Facebook, the phone, texting and Skype. He even sent me a very cute birthday present! Anyway, this guy lives in another country but we are talking about him coming out to see me for a few days in December.... Eeeeeek! I can't help thinking I've fooled him somehow. I won't deny that it feels nice to have someone thinking I'm the bee's knees and fawning over my looks, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking "if only he knew the truth...". Like I'm hiding some dark, tragic secret by being fat. Even though I've told him I am... and I mean he's obviously seen me on Skype and stuff too, but I swear I look prettier on there than I actually am. I've told him and he insists he doesn't even care at all and that I'm still beautiful... but I just don't know. Who flies to another country to meet a fat chick!?

Ahh whatever. Even if it doesn't work out, maybe we'll still have a good time. And if it's horrible, it's just gonna be about four days that I'll have to live through.

ANYWAYS... in light of his anticipated arrival, I've come up with a 10 week plan. An all inclusive beauty regime plan. Starting today, I'm tracking my calories on MFP again and I'm going to start exercising (also, does carrying furniture and boxes up and down stairs count as exercise?). Day one is done. So far so good. 9 weeks and six days to go.

I know I won't transform into a skinny minny beauty queen in ten weeks time, but maybe I'll make a small dent in the ocean of blubber that is I.... even if just for my confidence moreso than my actual appearance.

I hope everyone's doing well and kicking ass in the weight loss department. Hope to join you soon!

Be well.

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  1. I think its cool you have a friend! That sounds like exactly something I would get myself involved in. Keep us posted.