Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halfway Home

I think my gameplan for my new apartment is working! I had gained a little during the last few weeks of living with my ex, just stress eating I think. Wasn't getting any sleep, eating to stay awake... Then when I moved out, those pounds came off and although I've not exactly been a model of clean living this past week (I have an empty box of Oreos and an empty bottle of Bailey's that will testify to that) I have been making sure I don't overindulge calorie wise (well... minus the Bailey's). So even though I'll eat Oreos, I track them on MFP and really, when you are writing down how many Oreos you really had... you'll not have as many.

So ladies, feast your eyes on this:

EDIT: Errr, I tried to post my Ticker thing here but I am technically handicapped and can't get it to show up. You can see it in my Weight page!

23 kilos gone. 23 of dem suckas to go!

My weight is currently 88 kg or 194 lbs. 

My internet lovaahhh's visit is six weeks away now. I am hoping against hope that I'll be able to get down to 80. It's probably too tall an order, I know... but as far as I get is as far as I get. I'll at least be aiming in that direction!

Be well ladies. I'm off too nurse my hangover... Damn Bailey's. The best thing to come out of Ireland since the accent.

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