Saturday, September 8, 2012

"You Have Reached Your Destination"

Ahhh, hello Onederland! What a lovely view you have here...

I'm actually in this picture but you
 can't see me as I'm standing sideways

I didn't make my goal of Onederland in August, I just hit it today on September 8. Oh well, right? Not going to kick my butt over that one. Any loss is a small victory and I won't be splitting hairs over a few days because what does that matter in the long run? I got there. Put my flag down. So yippie.

I've been very off track though. Ever since me and the ex split up, I haven't been logging my food and watching what I eat at all. I've still lost weight, but probably not as much as I could have lost. These next few weeks are going to be kind of crazy. I'm working a whole lot, celebrating my (ugh) 30th birthday, moving out of the house I live in and into an apartment... But after all that, it's game time.

I'll be on my own, living in an apartment and living just for me. The plan, nay, the promise... is to get back into tracking every calorie, watching my portions and meals and getting this weight off. So that's October.

This month has to have a goal though... I currently weigh 198 lbs. My goal for September is 191.8 - halfway to my ultimate goal! 6.2 lbs in the next few crazy weeks. It's a lofty one I know but as the saying goes, "Aim high because it's no harder to shoot the feathers off an eagle than it is to shoot the fur off a skunk".

Be good and do good, ladies!


  1. Congratulations you are probably on top of the world today. If your not you should be

  2. Congrats on onederland. That is AWESOME!!! :) :) And best wishes with your new journey in life. May you find peace and an abundance of happiness!!