Monday, September 17, 2012

Elephant Penis

So my weight was at a standstill this past weekend. At least I didn't gain, right! I had a party on Saturday night to celebrate my hitting the dirty 30s. Lots and lots of food and more importantly, lots of booze. I made moijitos for everyone and ...fair to say that I indulged. This marked the end of 8 weekends straight of boozing. I survived! I may need a liver transplant, but I'm alive.

Now I just gotta pack up my stuff, move into my apartment and then recommit to my weight loss goals. No parties on the horizon for a little while now so I should be able to pluck off a pound or two here and there.

Took this picture of myself at the party. I really do look better without a head, I think. I should look into getting that removed. That would have to count for a good few pounds anyway! (The twins look in fine form, don't they!?)

I saw this chart of weight loss on Facebook today. I started reading it and chucking at the weight I'd lost and what I had yet to lose....  thought it was funny at first, until I realized that I was going to try and lose a baby calf of fat. A BABY CALF OF FAT!! I'm wearing a calf of blubber on my body. I have never felt so gross in my life!

Also, an elephant's penis weighs 60 lbs!? Jeez louise!

Best of luck to everyone this week!

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  1. haha. I have seen that chart... I just talked about Elephan Penis yesterday in my blog. ;)