Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Step Program

So I was thinking yesterday about how I'm almost halfway to the "finish line" (I know it's wrong to think in those terms, as it's a never ending journey but I'm sure you all know what I mean) and what the small goals really are along the way for me. In the beginning I had decided to reward myself for every 11 lbs I lost. I ended up never sticking to that, and I guess that's because that never meant anything to me.

I've been up and down the scale in my life and a lot of these numbers are familiar faces. I remember at what point in time I weighed this or I weighed that and it's exciting to be "working my way back", slowly but surely.

I started thinking about it and I realized that there are 10 weight milestones on this road to recovery that I've identified.  Now this is metric because I think in metrics, so please bear with me.

111 kg - My weight on the day of surgery, the heaviest I've ever been. This was the jumping off point. I went through with the surgery, paid a horrendous amount of money, flew out to meet a surgeon and spent my recovery in a horrible hotel in a foreign city.

101 kg - This was my first "goal", to lose the first 10 kgs. I see from my weight page that it took me a few months to do. I stalled for about six weeks from early March until late April, and when I started losing again I went sailing through this goal.

99 kg - Not to be a 3 digit person. A very important goal. Acheived at the very end of April.

95 kg - I remembered starting to fit into a different size of clothing around 95 some years back, so I was excited to get there. And sure enough...  A size smaller here. This goal was reached in mid July, after recommitting to myself and this process in mid June.

91 kg - The 20 kg marker. It just doesn't feel like proper weightloss until it's at least 20 kg... Reached two weeks ago. Onederland reached a week ago.

So that's five milestones reached. Five out of ten.

They are not evenly spaced, every number has some significance to me and I'm excited to reach each one.

The remaining 5 are:

87 kg - My next goal. I'm 3 kg away from this right now and I'm hoping to reach this in September. I'll be over halfway to my goal here, 24 kg gone out of 45. When I reach this weight, I will have the same amount of weight left to lose as I've already lost right now.

79 kg - This was the weight I was when I started dating my ex. I want to get back to pre-bad relationship fat. I look much better as soon as I go under 80 kgs as well, you really see the difference in my face.

75 kg - This is a hair smaller than I ever remember being in my adult life. So I can't WAIT for this one! It's 15 kgs away.

69 kg - Because I don't ever remember weighing 60 something! I'll be normal.... weighing 70 something when you're my height still sounds a little hefty, but 60 something? NORMAL.

65 kg - Goal! 165 cm height, 65 kg weight.

5 down. 5 to go.

So that's me. How are you??


  1. Congrats on reaching your halfway point and accomplishing so many milestones. :)

  2. Thank you! I keep trying to comment on your blog but this computer is possessed and won't let me. But great progress on your side as well I see - looking very good! :)