Sunday, August 26, 2012

She Returns

Greetings bandlings! I just now realized I haven't blogged in a month... I have no excuses. Shameful, shameful... I went on vacation for a week at the start of the month and when I came home I just haven't felt like doing much. I put on 2 lbs on vacation, that it took me awhile to get off again and I found the whole thing sort of demotivating frankly.

But I gotta stick with it... so I'm back!

My weight is now 200.6 lbs. I'm thisclose to Onederland! Hopefully, hopefully I'll be there by the end of next week. My body hasn't been dropping much lately though, so I'm not getting my hopes up. I know that Onederland was my goal for August, one that I should have breezed through if I'd kept my June/July weightloss trend up... but parties and barbeques and vacations did a number on me. But providing I don't gain inordinate amounts of weight this week instead, I'm happy to have at least continued my downward trend overall this month - although the weeks themselves were perhaps less impressive than I would have hoped for. At least the end result for August so far has been -5 lbs. So it's not all bad. Plus, if I manage to reach my August goal (even if it'll be by the skin of my teeth), then who am I to complain!?

I've been back at work for a couple of weeks now and my body clock is all out of whack from being on vacation. I basically don't sleep, is how it stands right now. Except on weekends. I know that that's not good for weight loss (or my job, really) so I have to get that in check.

I'm off to read about your progress on your blogs now! Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.

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