Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vulgar Conversations

There isn't much to report here... I'm definitely very, very tight still and have a hard time eating most foods. I did manage to get down some scrambled eggs, but I've mostly been living on yogurt and protein shakes. Hoping it will loosen up some. I'll post my weight on Saturday morning, as I am sleeping at a friends' tonight and won't see my scale again until later tomorrow. But things look promising!

I'm off work now for a couple of weeks, splitting up did put  damper on my vacation plans though... so I'm just sort of sitting around now and not doing much. Also, the weather is turning and we are about to get a shit couple of weeks here. Yippie! I am seriously considering booking a flight out of here for just a few days...

I had such a funny conversation with my best friend the other day, that I had to share it with you. If you don't like gross humour about sex, STOP READING NOW.

I've been telling her that I keep getting everything stuck and can't hold anything down. Well, the other night when we went for ice cream, I suddenly feel like something has gotten stuck again.

"Uh oh... I think I'm stuck.... no wait, I'm ok."
"You throwing everything back up?"
"Yeah pretty much... this might be a problem for dating!"
"What... no? Surely you can hold down jizz"
"Uh... I was kinda thinking about a meal in a nice restaurant.....?"

I thought we were gonna die laughing, she was being so absolutely sincere in that's really what she thought I meant. Maybe it's one of those "had to be there" stories. Or one of those "have to be crazy" stories. Either way, I thought it was hilarious!

Have a good rest of the week!

 My new shoes: Because every woman should take the next steps in her life, wearing sky high hooker heels!


  1. Then I am crasy, I laughed. The shoes are also crasy, crasy cool ;)

  2. Please don't go too long with a too tight band. In the long run it will cause more harm than good. Please consider a slight unfill. You really should be able to eat solid food.

  3. Hey Sarah, I know... this isn't by choice. Their offices are closed for a month, their last task before closing up was apparently closing me up. But I can manage soft foods if I'm careful so hopefully it'll all work out :)