Friday, July 27, 2012

Two Oh Five

I lost another 2.2 lbs this week! My weight is now sitting (sorta) pretty at 205 lbs. 5 lbs from Onederland! Hopefully I will continue this weight loss trend and see the shores of this magical Onederland here pretty soon. That was to be my goal for August, but if things keep going so well, I'll probably reach it early on in the month. But I don't want to jinx myself so I'm sticking with that as my current goal, Onederland in August.

My next goal after that will be to reach ca. 191... my halfway point to my goal. But first thing's first: Onederland.

(I was trying to embed my MFP badge here, but it doesn't work. HELP!)

Nothing else is new though. Still tight as all get out, getting a weensy bit tired of it. But for the record, I am not staying this way on purpose. There is just no one available to unfill me until mid August. It doesn't so much matter while I'm off work and on vacation, but I suspect things might get trickier when I return to work.

I am cleaning up today for a big house party I am having tonight. Hope you all have a good weekend planned. Be good now!

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