Saturday, July 21, 2012

It Takes Two Point Two, Baby

Weight loss! Yay! 2.2 lbs gone this week. I was pretty sure I'd gain weight, too. Just because I've been eating such crap since the band is too tight to have a regular meal.

I was able to eat a little yesterday though. I went to a vegetarian restaurant and had a spinach lasagna that I was able to mush enough to get down. That felt gooooood! Then last night, feeling optimistic from my spinach victory, I had a slice of pizza. Spent an hour PBing it back up. This "no bread whatsoever" thing is going to take some kind of getting used to! You don't even notice how everything has frickin bread in it, until you are trying to avoid it.

Also, I had "a bit" of wine the other night so I was dreading weighing myself this morning. But all is well, 2.2 pounds are gone... I am 7.2 lbs from Onederland!

My favorite song. Turn this mess up! Way up! Dance time!


  1. Are you happy with this tightness ? I dont want to be where I cannot have any bread at all ( i think)......hmmm this band thing can be complicated.


  2. Not at all really, but the place where I get my fills (and unfills) is closed now for the next 3 weeks. Their last job before vacation was filling me all the way up I guess haha So I'm trying to live with it... because I have to.

  3. Congrats. My clinic had a strict no bread or rice for 3 month post op policy. The idea is that because they are harder to eat/chew to the right consistency you have to give it time to get used to the eating strategies first. Give yourself some time.