Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Girl Panties

So I was walking around my house today when I decided to take some pictures. Inspired by the fact that the scale has once again gone down (numbers on Friday, people! Settle down!) I thought now would be a good time to get some "during" shots that I can then laugh at when I am supermodel shaped.

My camera did not approve of these shenanigans and decided not to cooperate. But here are the less than perfect results of today's photo session, because what better things could one do on vacation than photograph oneself in one's underpants? Oh. And I forgot to shave my legs, so please don't zoom in too closely! I say that because I know you want to. Yes, you.

Do you see a difference at all? I feel like there should be more of a difference. I was feeling skinnier than this, folks! Stupid camera. 

My legs are so freaking oddly shaped.

One jiggling Betty Boop shot for ya.


  1. You're cracked! Your legs are leg shaped. That is what they are meant to look like and yes I can see a difference! All good.

  2. I was just thinking what I wouldn't do for legs like yours! They look fab! Congrats!

  3. Look gr eat for 205? You look smaller Dothan that
    Nice job