Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stalled - sort of

So my weight as of this morning was the same weight I reported last Friday. So I'm stalled, but only sort of because due to my two days of consuming about 6000 calories (Malibu is a sonofabitch) last weekend I had actually gone up 2 lbs that I took off again this week.

I was pretty good all week long with my food, still tracking everything using My Fitness Pal which helps me. I set my calorie limit at 1200 a day, and on some days I hit pretty close but I'm usually at about 1000 a day. I'm worried that if I up my calorie intake, I'll put weight on again. But 1000 seems to be too low to lose much weight.

I'm also constantly lost in the MFP success story boards, looking at the before and afters of all these people. Everyone seems to exercise a lot (and look damn good afterwards!)... I guess I should start doing that as well.

Not much else to report. I went to a wedding today, decided to post a picture or two since pictures were owed. Not gonna put them on my "picture" page though since they're a little different than my other pictures. You wouldn't see a difference anyway... Le Sigh.

I love my new shoes...

I hope everyone is doing well, I've seen some amazing weight loss on some of your blogs these past few days. Well done! 


  1. Oooooh I love your new shoes too.

    Sadly even if you stay within your calories alcohol can stall your weight loss because of the way your body burns it off. I almost never loose anything if I have anything to drink. It's a real pain in the bum.

  2. AWESOME dress. LOVE it. Can't wait until I can start wearing cute dresses like that.