Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My band is being fresh with me. Does it ever happen to any of you, that on some days – the band just doesn’t want you to be eating? Like, at all? It could have to do with it being my TOM, but I have only managed to get down about 500 calories today. I wasn’t hungry for breakfast, I forced lunch down even though I kept getting stuck (I was able to just let it pass and not PB) and then I just tried to have some dinner… three bites in I was stuck and I didn’t get unstuck till I tossed my cookies (sorry for the graphic imagery). After that, I just wasn’t hungry. I threw out the rest of my dinner.

I’m now trying to have a piece of toast, just to up my calorie intake a little bit. 500 seems a little bit too low, less than what I normally have and that’s much less than I should be having!  The toast is going down, but I’m having to work at it.


With it being TOM, the scale hasn’t been moving much so I’m not paying too much attention to it this week. I will post my weight update on Friday though. I’ve been very good all week with my food so I’m hoping against hope that I’ll see a little bit of downward movement.

Off too bed soon. Here’s hoping Miss Sassy Pants Lapband will be in a better mood tomorrow…

My lap band today


  1. Would it be easier to eat something like yogurt or soup or do you get stuck on those too?

  2. No, I doubt I'd get stuck on those. But those are "slider foods", that is foods that go right through the band and therefore the band can't work like it's supposed to. We're not supposed to have too much of those, but I might have a protein shake if my band doesn't give up it's terrorism. I like my food, but I don't want to see it twice :)