Thursday, June 14, 2012

Doin‘ mighty fine, baby!

On Monday I set out to „do well“ again. I made a menu for the week to get me started and went shopping for some good, healthy things for me to eat and started tracking my food intake again with My Fitness Pal.

The Bad News: I had gained over 4 lbs in my „I‘m not paying attention“ phase.

The Good News: They are gone! Yay! Almost 5 lbs are gone already.

I haven‘t followed the menu I wrote to the letter in regards to meals, but that was never the point really. The point was to eat small portions of healthy foods, and not graze between meals.  

I do get really hungry between meals now, but I figure that will get better once I get used to eating less again. And if it doesn‘t, my band should start to get looser with the weight loss  and I can just go and get a fill.

I‘ve started drinking tea as well, I find it helps me to not get hungry if I drink something hot.  Maybe that‘s temporary while I get used to it.

We‘ll see.... but man, it feels good to finally feel optimistic about things again! I‘ll post my weight tomorrow, first time in several weeks. 

1 comment:

  1. Good job!!!!
    I think I need my 1st fill I'm. Hungry for every meal