Monday, June 25, 2012

Bless me father, for I have sinned.

Ugh. So the barbeque was a success and everyone had a great time. I just had a regular small meal and water, and then I started drinking...  Coconut rum and pineapple juice in obscene quantities. And then I was grazing on the table like the heifer that I am, eating Cheetos and chocolate and pretzels from bowls on the table (bowls that I put there, btw).

The party went on until 9 am (yeah, I know...) and then I slept for about an hour and then cleaned up. In the afternoon I went with the still remaining stragglers from my party to KFC. I had half a sandwich from KFC and a handful of Cheetos.

That was all I ate on Saturday as I was half comatose from lack of sleep.

Sunday however, I woke up at 9 am and ate the rest of my KFC sandwich and then spent the rest of the day eating chocolate and Cheetos.

If scales could scream, ladies and gentlemen!

It‘s back to my diet today. Sitting here today eating a greek yoghurt wondering where it all went wrong...

Ugh. This is why you‘re fat. 

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