Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fill ‘er up, doc!

I went in for my second fill yesterday morning.  I have to pay for each fill appointment individually and I found out that between now and the last time I went, a month or so ago I think… they’ve doubled the price. Doubled!  If the barium didn’t leave me with a shit taste in my mouth, that certainly did.

The doc who performed the fill said I was a little “on the loose side” (haven’t heard that one since high school! HA!) but he didn’t want to add any more as there was nothing to be gained from going to fast. (Ever the cynic, I thought; Yeah – especially since you charge me $100 a pop every time I have to come here).  Ahh. Then I ate and stopped being a crabby cynic.

Fasting. Does wonders for my personality.

So now I am filled to 7.7cc and still on the loose side. I am starting to get paranoid that the band won’t be able to take enough volume to close this sucker up to the point where I can turn into Nicole Sherzinger (a gal can dream). Surely, that can’t happen?

I was wondering, if those of you reading here have WLS blogs of your own – do you think you could post a link to my site maybe? I feel a little silly sitting here typing like I am talking to myself, as I have very few readers here.

Just a thought… :)

On a different note, I had my last final (for awhile anyway) today so I am freeeeee! Next task: Cycle to work in the morning!

Oh, and write an erotic novel, but that’s another story altogether…


  1. Hey you! Glad to find your blog...I'll read up on you later today. I am getting banded on May 23rd so I start liquids only Monday. Check out my blog, we can be buds....I like it straight up and funny too!

  2. Hey Michelle, I followed your blog... I am not too sure how this Blogger thing works yet but I hope it worked. Best of luck with your surgery (and best of luck with liquids, that was my least favorite part of all! haha)

    1. Thanks for your comment! I'm actually in Australia, banded here too. Can't wait to readthe rest of your blog :-)

  3. Hi! New follower here, Bandit Girl sent me over. I was banded May 7th.