Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here’s Johnny!

Sorry I keep disappearing, I was so not going to be one of those bloggers! But there are two reasons for my disappearances, one being that I am ridiculously busy. Work has been riding me hard, my diploma studies are unrelenting and I have finals at university coming up next week… so the past few weeks have been littered with end of term papers and assignments. FINALLY DONE.

I am going on a business trip to Germany next week for about a week or so, I’ll have to work during the day and then study at night. I’ll be lucky if I see any more of Germany than the airport.

The other reason is that there just isn’t much going on in terms of the band! The last time I posted, I had just had my first fill. Since then I have had the enjoyable experience of getting stuck on a number of occasions. I can still eat anything though, these stuckisodes happened when I was too hungry and lost myself… ate too fast or chewed too little, something like that.

Because I do forget that I have the band at all really.

But as far as weight loss is concerned… nothing to report really.  I’ve updated the weight loss log to reflect where I’m at now and that is how it has stayed. I gained a little over 2 lbs over easter (Note to self: Have discussion with mother about eating) and since easter I have been slooooowly taking it off again. It’s gone now but only just barely, and it’s taken damn near two weeks.

I spoke to my doc about another small fill, as I feel I can eat way too much now already and I seem to get hungry much sooner than I should. So he booked me for one and I figure I’ll get that as soon as I get back from Germany.  Hopefully things will start to go a bit faster.

I can’t help being impatient! I feel like nothing is happening. But then when I do step back and look at it more objectively, I’ve lost 12 kg in 11 weeks. And that with having stalled and even gained over easter. So all in all, I guess it really isn’t so bad. Especially since I haven’t been on a diet at all really. I eat whatever I want, just smaller amounts and less frequently.

When you research this surgery, all you hear is how people say that this is a slow process. Over and over again, that’s what the warnings all say. And you accept this graciously – you surely can handle a slow process so long as it’s a process. Except some part of your brain that you don’t quite acknowledge is gleefully going: SLOW FOR YOU MAYBE!

I really thought on some level that I would be the exception to the rule. That somehow… it would not be slow for me. I don’t know what over-estimation of my own good fortune brought me to this conclusion. I am never that lucky.

I have lost a quarter of the weight I intend to lose overall in 12 weeks. Given that my doc said I would lose half the weight in the first year, and the second half the year after – I guess I am doing alright.

I took two pictures for you. But I am wearing horrible jammies /house clothes and I am standing in what is affectionately referred to as “the junk room”. 

Since there has been really no weight loss, there is no difference in the pictures either. But I figured pictures were owed... So there you go. 

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  1. you. are. wrong. I TOTALLY see the difference in your before and now pics. You are making great progress so don't be discouraged!