Thursday, March 1, 2012

Out of towner!

Sorry about the delay in posting but I‘ve been out of town for a few days. I was staying in an apartment with a girl that has no idea I had the surgery, going out to eat for lunch and dinner every day. I don‘t know what she must be thinking, probably that I have some horrible genetic disorder that makes me as fat as I am. Since this week I barely ate a damn thing.

We would usually order the same thing, they‘d bring out whopping plates of food... she‘d clean her plate and mine would look practically untouched at the end of the meal. Also, I wouldn‘t snack and a latte would hold me over until lunchtime.

She is teeny tiny and I am massive, by the way. I wouldn‘t blame her for wondering what grave biological injustice made it so.

But I was really happy with myself. Even though I can eat anything and didn‘t always make the best food choices, I really do eat so much less than I used to. On the last day I had a latte and a cookie at a coffee shop. I ate half the cookie and put the rest in a bag and stuffed it in my purse. Then I just forgot about it.

Even though I could be making better choices with food, really what I have always dreamed of being able to do was to just eat small amounts. That was it. Have a little bit of this and a little bit of that and having that be enough, and STOP EATING. Not just shovel junk into my mouth by the plateful and still be ready for more.

I wonder how things are going to be after my first fill. Whether I‘ll still be able to eat anything, like bread and rice, or whether the extra restriction will limit my food choices for me as well.

I think my scale has gone downwards slightly, when I stepped on this morning the number was a little bit lower. And that even with Aunt Flo visiting...

Speaking of that cow, I had meant to post a picture of myself and my „progress“. But I always look 8 months pregnant during my monthlies and I kind of want to wait until the end of my period to post a picture. I did take one this morning, but I don‘t think I will post it. I‘d rather post a more accurate one when my preggo belly goes down a little.

I will post my weigh-in number though, hopefully it won‘t go up too much. 

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