Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I updated my weight information and posted new “progress” pictures of the progress that isn’t progress. Yet. I am still optimistic. I am 2 lbs down again now that the monthlies are out of the way.

I wasn’t going to post weight until Friday but … I was excited to see something move after being stalled for two weeks.

Just want my motherlovin’ fill! Still no word from the doc on that.

I also stopped using Calorie Count, as it was driving me nuts to have to spend all that time trying to find something similar in content to what I was eating because most of the stuff they didn’t have. So I moved over to My Fitness Pal, which has a much better application and I am slowly but surely adding my local foods into it so that I can more accurately track my calories.

I’m not sure I’m ever going to be a RELIGIOUS tracker, but it should help me when I need to white knuckle it like now… until my fill.

Speaking of, I really do want to know how much you guys are allowed to eat and how much protein is recommended that you get in every day. I am lost at sea.

Oh, and about the pictures… I had to dig that mirror out of storage in the garage, where it has been sitting since we moved here ages ago. I didn’t really notice how dirty it was until I uploaded the pictures. I hope you can still see my balloon like shape there behind all the dust and grime.

The flu that isn’t a flu is still here, and starting to feel a bit more flu like. It is my boyfriend’s birthday today, so I need to go pick up his present and birthday cake… and a birthday dinner. I was going to sneak out and try to arrange this.

I will probably run into everyone I’ve worked with, ever.

I will leave you with larger images of the progress (that is not progress... yet). The mirror is SO dirty that you can barely make me out in the pictures…

Day of surgery

Day of surgery

And today...

And here are my trusted piggy slippers! 
I am so matyuah...

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