Monday, March 5, 2012

What the flu!?

A flu, for godsakes. That’s not even really a flu. I just didn’t sleep well last night, woke up feeling under the weather this morning and decided to take my temperature this morning and I had a fever. So I stayed in bed. Three hours later I was convinced I was all better, was thinking about going to the office but I took my temperature again and it was even higher than when I woke up.


It is so much harder to be good with my food when I am just sitting at home. I am trying to listen to my body, make sure that I don’t eat a single thing unless I am honest to God hungry… but my head has been telling me to eat all damn day long.

Keeping myself entertained with YouTube videos from the ‘90s.  I miss the ‘90s! And yes, I am  definitely one of those people who thinks 1995 was ten years ago. And that is the worst thing about ‘90s stuff on YouTube. There is always some 11 year old commenting going “Man, I love music from the olden days… they just don’t make music like this nowadays!”. And that makes me feel like I belong in a coffin somewhere.

I also love to read.  I tell people I am an avid reader, which probably makes them think I devour the classics on a daily basis and read contemporary philosophy for breakfast. In reality, I read fluff. I love fluff. I love Koontz, Grisham type fluff. Really into Lisa Gardner now.

A decent measure of a book for me is whether it has a bodycount of 5. If it doesn’t, I will have no idea what the heck is going on.

So sometimes I try to diversify and go for other types of fluff to break up the fluffotony. Stuff like The Kite Runner, Moonlight in Odessa, The Help and most recently, Breaking Twig.

Oh, and I love vampires. (Although, don’t even speak to me of those sparkling bastards. I do not love or read about vampires who sparke.)

So now I want your suggestions.  What can I add to my Kindle library next? 

Awesome '90s. 

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