Sunday, March 4, 2012


Alright, that’s it. I am making a vow, right here and right now, I will spend more time at spas. It doesn’t cost that much, and it’s money I would frivolously spend on something else anyway. Something more fattening, to be sure.

We ended up spending about five hours there, just lazing around and going from the jacuzzi to the ocean pool, to the sauna, to the steam room, to the other sauna, to the other steam room, to the other jacuzzi, to the ocean showers, to the outdoor pool, to the outdoor jacuzzis… et cetera. We had an hour long hot oil massage somewhere in there, and we had dinner at their restaurant.

I was feeling adventurous and ordered the kangaroo. I’d never had kangaroo meat before, it was SO GOOD. It tastes just like a really tender cut of beef.

Oh, and right before the massage, when she had me first lay down on my stomach, I kept trying to smooth out a kink in the towel that was over the table I was laying on. I couldn’t see a kink, but I felt it when I laid down. Then I realized… oh… the port. I haven’t been able to find it with my hands when I’ve touched my stomach, but I felt it there laying down on the table.

I was so so tired when I came home last night, but a good kind of tired. A refreshed, rested kind of tired. And then I slept like a baby.

Still no email from the Doc about my fill… I hate waiting around like this. I want to get more restriction. I can eat ANYTHING. I have tried. Subway, pizza, hamburger, fries, bread, cake, shrimp, pasta, rice… All the things bandsters tend to have a problem with, I can wolf down. I hate that. I want my restriction back! I know I should be making better choices… and I will. I honestly will. I was just out of town for the past week and just kind of ate what was within walking distance (hey, at least I got some walking in!).

I still eat little and feel way full, but I really should be eating even less and the band should be restricting the bad stuff. I want it to.

So yeah, I am getting irritated about waiting for the g-darn fill, weight loss is very minimal (if any) at the moment…  I am ready to get started on this thing!

I got very little information from my doctor about how to eat, or how much to eat really. He said he’d send me a DVD to watch, but he hasn’t. I have sort of been guessing my portions… could you tell me what your doctor recommended to you? How much should we be eating?

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