Saturday, March 3, 2012

So Annie-weighs…

Nothing to report on the weight loss front yet. But I do think that once my monthlies get the heck out of Dodge, I will see some progress. Because it appeared to be going down somewhat, and then that bitch Aunt Flo rolled into town. So we shall see.

I bought my reward finally… not tanning, but a new pair of shoes. It was a purchase born out of necessity though, as I was out of town and the only pair of shoes I had brought was falling apart on me. My trusted Uggalikes with the fur trim. So hideously ugly and yet so irresistably comfy.

One day when I was walking back to my rented apartment I walked past a shoe store that was having a sale, so I decided to take that as a sign from the reward Gods and get out of the wet, ratty boots.

So these are the shoes… bear in mind that I live in Europe so these might look a little strange to some of you guys. They had a lot of shoes there but these were the only ones that looked like they would also go with leggings, that were also comfortable. So… ka-ching.

I am on my way to my spa day now… I can’t wait. Going to nap by the fireplace, try the sauna, the steam room, the jacuzzi and have an hour long relaxing hot oil massage. And then have a bite to eat.

Hopefully, I can just start a trend of enjoying spa days instead of going out to eat on the weekend, or going to the mall.. not finding anything to fit and then immediately rushing to the nearest bakery/KFC/candy aisle. Anyone else do this? It’s ridiculous. Total surrender…

Anyway, yeah… no weight loss yet but I am optimistic about next Friday though. Plus, I will post my 4 week progress picture this week. There hasn’t been much progress though… but I know I will enjoy looking through these when and if I ever drop this weight.

I am still waiting for my doctor to schedule me for a fill…

Patience has never been my strong suit, BUT COME ON!

Alright. Spa day. Happy thoughts. 

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