Saturday, February 25, 2012

Minor developments

So not much has happened really, and I have been neglecting my blog. I am taking seven university classes on top of working full time and things got a little crazy for me this week. So the blog ended up on the backburner.

It’s nice though that normally when things get so busy, I would throw whatever diet I was invariably to the wind and just… eat my way through it. Candy and fast food was always both my way of dealing with stress as well as my reward for surviving sucky weeks like these. But now that I have the band, I can’t do that. I mean, sure I can eat foods that are not so good for me… but in such small amounts that it’s nothing at all like it was before.

I am finding though that I am one of the “lucky” bandsters that can eat anything. I can eat bread, meat, hamburger… anything. But in small amounts. Today was my first official day of eating solids and we had a hamburger in town today (yeah, I know… I have no excuse). I had half of the burger patty, a tiny bit of the toppings and like 10 fries. That was it. I was stuffed. This was 4 hours ago and I’m still not hungry.

Yesterday’s weigh in was in typical bandster hell fashion. I’ve stalled. But I had expected this as I started to eat more and more types of food this week, veering away from the baby foods and mashed veggies and just into normal food that I was chewing up well and having with something soft like mashed potatos. So I didn’t expect big things.

I talked to my doctor today and he is going to schedule me for my first fill at the start of March, and my second one at the end of March. Then things should start to get innnnneresting!

I went shopping today and bought these little bowls. They fit about 8 oz. of food so I figured that would be good for measuring my portions in. That’s about how much I should be having in one sitting and I really didn’t have anything to eat from that would control my portion. Other than… you know… a measuring cup. Which would not make for such a pleasant dining experience.

Other than that, not much is going on. I am excited to start this new phase, by getting fills and starting to exercise. But for now… bandster hell J

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  1. Hi im a new follower, thought i'd say hello.

    I love the bowls, I'm always looking for nice ones to serve in, it really helps to keep the portions small.