Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Wanna Dance With Somebody!

Wow, sad news about Whitney Houston last night. Such an icon. Such a shame.

In other news, my liquid diet was supposed to end to day but I decided to be bad and advance to the mushy stage at dinner last night. I figured one meal wouldn’t make or break my recovery. I had some runny lasagne, completely mushy. I ate very little but man was it GOOD. And such a small amount seemed to fill me up for so long too. I am optimistic about solids now.

But it was exhaaaausting trying to eat it. I hadn’t really thought about how difficult it would be to tell my body to not swallow the food yet. It’s just such an ingrained reaction, you chew the food a few times and then just automatically swallow it without thinking about it. Stopping that reaction was definitely something I needed to be aware of.

But yay, food! AND my scale had gone down a teensy bit this morning. I was so scared that as soon as I ate, my weight loss would be kaput. I raced out of bed this morning and threw myself on the scale.

I bought a handful of things to get me threw the first few mushy days.

Baby food
Refried beans
Baked beans
Grated cheese
Canned tuna
Cottage cheese
Rice pudding

That’s all I have so far. What are some of your ideas for the mushies, what did you eat?

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