Friday, February 10, 2012


Friday is scale day, and I just updated my weight page. I have lost 11 lbs since my surgery! Yay!

Tomorrow I am off the liquid diet finally. It will be nice to start to enjoy something resembling food again. But it hasn’t been so bad though. I mean I’m literally amazed that I have (almost) made it through, at the beginning I thought it would be impossible for me to stay on it for 14 whole days but really after a few days it wasn’t that bad anymore.

My mom has been saving my life with making me split pea soup. Now, I know that’s gross to most people but I, for whatever reason, love it. Plus it’s pretty hearty and very filling.

But yeah, two weeks of mushies and then solids. I will probably be need to be taught how to chew at that point, it’s been so long.

I was looking at my incisions yesterday, cleaning them with a disinfectant and trying to get some of the excess glue off. Well most came off and I gotta say it’s looking good. When it heals completely (unless I totally screwed it up by messing with it yesterday) I don’t think you’re going to be able to tell that it was there.

Not that my stomach doesn’t have bigger aesthetic issues than a port scar, but it’s still nice to see it healing up so well.

So I have a question for the bandsters here. I’ve noticed my weight loss getting a little bit slower over the past few days. Did you find that going on mushies helped it start back up again, or did it stall completely?
Just curious what people have experienced...

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