Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday night

Oh, man! My weight went down way more this morning. I am not posting any numbers though, only on Fridays… I gotta get my mind off of losing weight. I am getting on the scale a couple of times a day and clapping when the number has invariably gone down some. The cold turkey when this rapid initial weight loss subsides is going to be brutal.

I am so happy though. And now, I am normally not one who sees a difference in myself when I lose weight until I lose about 60 lbs, but I swear that my face looks a little bit better already. Like I’m not all bloated and gross anymore.

My boyfriend is out to dinner with his parents, who came to town to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. He made excuses that I am sick. I really just didn’t feel ready to go to dinner, order only soup while everyone else has a five course italian meal and then either try to explain the weight loss surgery to a table full of birthday guests… or sound totally evaisive and ridiculous. Thankfully I didn’t even have to mention it, my boyfriend just made my excuses on his own.

I know that I can’t be a hermit with this band, but I am going to just kick back at home and not attend stuff like this while I am going through the liquid/mushy phase. It’s easier for me and more comfortable, so why not cut myself a break?

I am taking multi-vitamin chewies since the operation, but I wanted to ask what kind of supplements everyone is taking? I am thinking I should add calcium and an extra dose of B12, even though there is some in my vitamins. Also, do gummies get stuck a lot? I know if my vitamins were little gummy candies, I would never ever forget to take them!

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  1. My husband and I take 2 flinstones vitamins a day and 3 calcium soft chews. Our dietician said no to gummies, but the calcium soft chews take care of my need for candy! Chocolate and Carmel!