Friday, February 3, 2012


I am six days out from surgery, and have lost 6.6 lbs… hmm. Mark of the beast? Just occurred to me. haha Lets say 3 kgs, since I just watched Paranormal Activity 3 alone in my house with the lights out.

I know this is just the first week, water weight and all that… but man, I am excited! Every time I get on the scale, it’s gone down some. As much as I hate the liquid diet, I gotta say – it’s pretty awesome.

In other news I am doing fine. My recovery is coming along well. I had meant to go in to work today but I decided not to, I don’t feel ready for a full day yet. I still have trouble breathing and I get very tired after moving around for a little while. So Monday is the big day.

My mom has called me like nine times since I told her about the surgery, telling me how wonderful she thinks it all is and wants to know what she can do for me. Yesterday she showed up with a giant pot of soup for me. My favorite soup, too! So that has been really lovely, having her support.

Watch this space for when I start freaking out how she is monitoring my weight loss too closely for comfort. It will happen. Today she suggested that I take a picture of myself every day to see the difference… every day? Methinks expectations may be a tad high.

But whatever, for now I am just happy my recovery is going well, my weight is going down and everyone around me is being supportive. 

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