Thursday, February 2, 2012


I’ve come clean to my family about having the surgery. They were really supportive and happy for me, thought it was amazing that I had gone through with it and wish me all the luck in the world. My mom was maybe just the teensiest upset that I hadn’t told her beforehand, but I really was just worried enough on my own. If my mom had started voicing concerns and digging up cases of people who had died from the surgery, well… that would have thrown me into a tailspin. And this is something I really wanted to do.

And I’m sure the news were a relief to my dad, who was apparently voicing concerns that I had seemed a little down when he picked us up from the airport. So much for my Academy Award then…

I am still staying true to the liquid diet. I am obsessed with the idea of food, even the thought of the mushie stage is sending my heart aflutter. Mashed potato! Mashed beats! Fish! Oatmeal! Veggies! Such pathetic things to be excited about, good lord.

Tomorrow is the first official weigh-in day, 6 days post op. I plan to post my weight on here every Friday and a progress picture on the 28th of every month, since that’s the month marker from my surgery.

I have been sneaking on the scale during the week since I got home and I can see it just effortlessly (ok… I mean, I had surgery and am living on liquids. Effortlessly is probably not the word) going slightly downwards each time. I am so excited! Especially since, never one to miss a party, Aunt Flo showed up this week. So I would have expected to not be losing at all, given that I normally gain 4 – 6 lbs during her stays.

So yay. Yay all around!

If you’re reading, leave a comment. Especially if you have a lapband blog of your own that I could check out. 

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