Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Been having some weird issues with eating... now, as I think I mentioned, I had hunger pains very shortly after my surgery. I didn‘t eat hardly anything for two days and then on the third day, I was a ravenous beast and I had to be constantly sipping to keep the hunger pains at bay. Now, since I was so recently banded I was taking tiny sips and never consumed much really. But I still had to be at it constantly to avoid the pains.

Then on day 4 or 5, that just sort of... went away. I felt fine. I had my little drink 3 times a day, sometimes only 2 times (which pleased my eating disordered head to no end), and felt absolutely fine.

That appears to be changing again. I believe the last time I posted I was at my wits end that I‘d had an extra cup of sugarfree jello, a „4th meal“ if you will.  Then I was left a comment from the Gods, telling me that jello was considered a glass of water...  so yesterday I had TWO cups of sugarfree jello. (Word to the wise, I will bastardize even the best of advice until it is bad advice. Every time!).

But what is this? I was still hungry. By the time I went to bed, around 1 am or so... I had bad hunger pains and my stomach was growling so loud that I couldn‘t sleep. I ended up making up my mind.

And see, I don‘t even consider this a failure because I thought about it and came to this conclusion...

I had to eat.

Wasn‘t the deal I made with myself to never eat when I wasn‘t hungry? But surely, I have to eat when I am this hungry then?  Yesterday I had 2 ounces of yoghurt at breakfast. Then I had 4 ounces of a protein shake for lunch. And then I had about 4 more ounces of cauliflower soup for dinner.  

And I guess I have healed enough that 10 oz of fluid just simply aren‘t enough to sustain me through an entire day. Those 10 ounces nowhere near reach even 500 calories, nor the recommended intake of protein. And the jello wasn‘t doing much.

So I decided to eat.

The protein shake I had for lunch comes in an 8 oz juicebox, so I finished the rest of it and then  went back to bed about an hour later. And I felt fine.

So today for breakfast  I had two scoops of Herbalife protein powder in 8 oz of fruit juice.
For lunch I had an 8 oz juicebox of protein shake.
For dinner I am having split pea soup.

And I‘ve switched the Crystal light back to water (which makes me drink noticably less... but whatever).
I am going to see how this works... If I drink more at mealtimes, focus on getting my protein in, maybe that will help me.

3 more days left of the liquid phase... Give me strength!

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