Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Happy belated Valentine‘s Day!  I hope everyone had a nice time on this most commercial of holidays.  Yesterday was a „cheat day“ for me, as I started off having cake for breakfast at work... well, not cake as I didn‘t dare eat that. It had some sort of pudding filling between layers, so I had a tiny slice and just ate the pudding. Then I had about 4 oz of rice pudding at 5 pm and a small soft serve ice cream at 9 pm.

I couldn‘t believe how full I was after my one little ice cream. I should really only have eaten half of it. It‘s funny because a month ago, I would have eaten a large size without any problems at all and still had room for food or candy.

Even though I was cheating, I didn‘t eat too often and I certainly didn‘t eat too much. The food choices werent the greatest perhaps, but the quanitity is so reduced that I dont think it matters all that much to be honest. My scale had gone down this morning, in any case.

Just ... lets not make this a habit, mmmkay.

I really feel optimistic when I see what happens when I eat just a little bit of something like ice cream, which I would think I could be able to eat through the band in copious amounts. Just a little one, and I was way full. And I was having it not as dessert after my dinner, but instead of my dinner.

It kind of makes me feel like... yes, maybe this could work! Maybe not as fast as it does for people who can deprive themselves of everything for extended periods of time, but at my own pace – if I get regular fills and try to exercise, this could actually work for me. I could one day get fit.

Ommmmgosh! Makes me positively giddy. 


  1. hello hello! why can't I become a follower? or is there a way to become one? would love to follow your journey