Thursday, January 26, 2012

I spoke too soon!

When I said everything was bound to work out fine... well, due to a freak weatherstorm our flight was delayed by 3 hours (at least). Meaning we missed our connections and are arriving too late to make another connection until tomorrow. So we'll be running around a strange city with our luggage at midnight, taking train after train, trying to get to a hotel to stay until we catch a new train to finally make our connection at 6 am tomorrow.


But don't all fairy tales start with disaster and then end happily? I am trying to stay optimistic...

2 more days and I will be banded. Everytime I eat something now I think whether I will be able to eat it again, like I am bidding a dramatic farewell to crackers and all sorts of rubbish. I only have sort of a vague concept of what being banded will be like. I've read the blogs and it seems to be different for everyone, but I just have a hard time imagining what "getting stuck" will feel like... not to mention just having to throw stuff up.

Well, off I go... the next time I write I will (hopefully) be a bandster. Wish me luck!

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