Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ok  so I have no idea what happened to the numbers on my list of promises from yesterday. I couldn‘t get it to behave so I just left it alone.

So, tomorrow is the day that I leave to get my band put in. It‘s a three hour plane ride and two hour train ride to where I will be staying.  I‘m getting anxious about EVERYTHING now. Just realized my hotel is on a pedestrian street, so I will have to walk from the corner after my surgery. I hope that will be alright. We are staying in a downtown hotel and my operation is on a Saturday. I am hoping the hotel won‘t go nuts with partying on my first night of recovery.

Also all of a sudden the hotel seems to be getting a myriad of bad reviews. I swear those weren‘t there when I booked and paid for it. Stuff about filthy rooms, crappy service, screaming people and loud intercourse... no joke.

Sensibly I try to tell myself that I am sure the hotel will be fine. And if it won‘t be, we‘ll just get our money back and move to a different hotel. And I‘m sure that the rental place will have our rental car for us. And if not, we can always get a taxi if worst comes to worst. And we will find our way easily and be able to walk around and not get mugged, robbed, shot, drugged or kidnapped.... I am such a worry wart.

And I can‘t help but wonder if all of these pointless worries that are driving me nuts are just serving as a distraction from my one real worry: I hope the surgery turns out OK.

I am terrified of surgery. Today is my last day of work before I go to get my surgery, and I feel like it is my last day of work ever... I am clearing out my desk, deleting the history on my work PC, getting rid of private emails...  And I am wondering about what I should get rid of at home before I leave.

Did anyone else feel like this? Ridiculous.

Anyway, I am going to take some pictures tonight when I get home. Not looking forward to that! 

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